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Unlike other peels, the VI Peel enriches the skin with vitamins and
minerals while your skin goes through the exfoliation process. The VI Peel
provides patients with the same substantial results seen from deeper Chemical
Peels without extreme pain, discomfort, or overly lengthy healing time. The VI
peel is a blend of five rejuvenating acids: TCA, Retin-A, Salicylic Acid,
Phenol, and Vitamin C.

These specifically designed treatments address: anti-aging,
hyperpigmentation, sun spots, damaged skin, acne-prone skin, and acne
scarring. *Both *peels offered at Northland Med Aesthetics will improve
tone, texture, pores and enhance collagen stimulation. The *Precision Plus*
peel additionally treats skin discoloration related to sun damage, melasma
or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The *Purify with Precision
Plus *additionally treats acne including excessive oil, acne with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, hormonal acne and adult acne. Your provider will help you
determine which peel is right for you.

Benefits of the VI Peel:

- Because of the Phenol, the application is virtually pain-free.
- Patients can immediately return to their daily activities.
- One of the only chemical peels on the market safe on all skin types, including darker tones.
- Gentle enough for the eyes, neck, chest, and hands.
- Stunning results can be seen in as little as one week.
- Treatment can be combined with your routine Tox treatment!

Who is a Candidate for a VI Peel?

VI Peels are considered safe for all skin tones and ethnicities, making it
the perfect choice for anyone looking to significantly improve their skin
health. Both men and women, experiencing acne, scarring, fine lines, and sun damage can benefit from the VI Peel. The ideal candidate will be in relatively good health and have practical expectations for treatment, keeping in mind, multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results.

The VI Peel Procedure:

A VI Peel is performed in the office, taking about 30 minutes.
With the first pass, you may experience a warm, stinging sensation,
although this will quickly diminish.

The peel needs to remain on the skin for at least four hours, after which
it can be washed off. A convenient aftercare kit, which enhances the
peeling process as well as calms the skin will be given to the patient.
Your provider will review all instructions needed for homecare prior to
leaving the office.

Recovery after a VI Peel:

Initially, after patients wash the VI Peel from their face, the skin will
appear red and mildly swollen. This is normal and will resolve over the
first 24 hours. There is no required downtime after a VI Peel; patients can
return to work, school, and most normal activities immediately. It is
imperative that the VI Peel should remain on the face for a minimum of four
hours. Vigorous exercise or strenuous activities should be avoided for the
first 24-48 hours, as the resulting sweat could potentially alter the VI
Peel’s results.

Two to three days after the VI Peel application, the skin will begin to
peel. This process can last between three and seven days, depending on the
patient’s skin type and condition. Moisturizer can be used during this time
to help mask the noticeable appearance of peeling. While the skin is
healing, it may be extra sensitive, so patients should continuously wear
sunscreen with an SPF 50 during the peeling process. Once the skin is fully
healed, in about 14 days, patients will notice a smoother, healthier

How Much Does a VI Peel Cost?

The price of a VI Peel and necessary homecare is $350 however when combined
with your routine Tox treatment the patient will receive $50 off for a
limited time.



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