The Northern Glow

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* “The Northern Glow”*

*Microchanneling for facial rejuvenation*

*Dermal injection of custom solutions*

A perfect treatment prior to to be done 1-2 weeks prior to a special
event to give you a beautiful and youthful glow. This treatment smoothes
skin, reduces fine lines and redness, and shrinks pores. An excellent
alternative or complement to more invasive treatments. A small
micro-channel device is used to deliver a custom made solution to the
dermis for improved absorption of powerful ingredients with minimal
discomfort as droplets are “stamped” gently into the skin. Results are
visible within hours to days and last several months. You custom serum is
mixed at the time of your visit and includes:

*Tox*-you all know how your forehead looks so much more fabulous after your
quarterly Tox treatments…this treatment includes 10 units of Tox diluted in
the serum and applied superficially which results in improvement in the
finer lines, reduced pore size, redness, acne and rosacea with improvement
lasting months!

*Hyaluronic acid*-Moisture! Moisture! Moisture! Hyaluronic is naturally
occurring in the body and retains moisture and is also what we use in
dermal fillers. This results in a plump, supple, saturated and glowing face!

*Vitamin C*-or ascorbic acid is fantastic at brightening the skin and
lightening brown spots. It is an antioxidant which fights off free
radicals, evens the tone and texture of skin, promotes collagen and elastin
(you cannot form or store collagen without it!) and decreases general

*Vitamin B12*-regulates production of pigmentations in the skin, promotes
healthy skin cells and can repair damaged skin resulting in a reduced
dullness and improved glow

*Vitamin E*-another powerful antioxidant to protect from environmental
stressors, minimize signs of aging, improve hydration, helps to fade darker
pigments, softens skin, improves texture in addition to being very soothing
and calming to the skin

*Niacinamide*-one of the B vitamins, decreases redness, can help balance
oil and sebum production to decrease breakouts, powerful antioxidant to
help protect the skin from damage can also aid in hydration in combination
with hyaluronic acid

*Epidermal growth factors*-Growth factors build volume and boost hydration.
Growth factors strengthen and firm skin and minimizes fine lines and

*Pre-treatment recommendations: *

Avoid sun exposure or tanning for a minimum of 24 hours

Treatment area should be clean and free of makeup and skincare products

Avoid a chemical peel for 2 weeks pre or post treatment

Avoid use of retinol type products for 1 week prior

Avoid waxing of the treatment area for 2 weeks prior

Avoid shaving for 2-3 days post treatment

Pregnancy is a contraindication

It there is a permanent tattoo in the treatment area the provider should be

If you have a history of cold sores the provider should be notified

*Post-treatment recommendations: *

A sunburn appearance may be present immediately post treatment lasting

Skin may feel tight, dry and swollen immediately post treatment

Do not wash or apply any moisturizer for 6 hrs post treatment-may then use
a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer (avoid “anti-aging” ingredients)

Resume normal skin care day after treatment

Avoid sun exposure a min of 24 hours but 1-2 weeks preferably-use a mineral
spa of 30 or greater if there will be sun exposure

Avoid exfoliating products for 2 weeks

Avoid any exercise or heat until any irritation has resolved

Sleep with on back with head elevated the first night if possible

For best results repeat every 3-4 months

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